Learn 2 Do

Mentoring Program for Entrepreneurs

Access to valuable, current and reliable information

Tools for proper business structure and direction

Connecting to networks of support and innovation

You can succeed in establishing a business by yourself, but to achieve success you need to collaborate, and frequent legislative changes increase your need to check and analyse with competent mentors and experience that information that is the basis of your decisions.

The Learn 2 Do mentoring program is coordinated by trainers from the Hygia Consult team, who have relevant and consistent professional experience of over 24,000 hours of practice in the field in which they will provide you with guidance. It has been in our mission since the founding of the company to support innovative and courageous entrepreneurs who work to create and grow sustainable, competitive businesses that maintain a healthy and dynamic economic environment.

We want to get to know innovative entrepreneurs, interested in sustainable business development, who can increase competitiveness in the profile market through qualitative added value. Are you among them?

During 2 months, we propose you to develop and improve your entrepreneurial skills, financial management and brand management of your business. The mentoring program is structured in 3 modules, with 14 meetings, to which 3 hours of individual coaching are added for each participant (1 hour with each mentor). Among the topics you will be able to address during the mentoring sessions are: accessing new markets, including international ones, identifying sources of financing or finding a professional network suitable for your needs – find your tribe. For three months you will have access to all Learn 2 Do materials and tools through the e-learning platform.

Who is the mentoring program for?

  • For Romanian entrepreneurs aged 20-30, who run a company with a maximum of 5 years of activity, in progress.
  • Determined, dynamic, courageous person, with a sense of leadership, self-assured, autonomous, serious.
  • For those whose mission is to innovate, increase competitiveness and add value to the field or market in which they operate.
  • For those who get involved in the development of the entrepreneurial environment, they want sustainable development, consistency in business.
  • For those who are looking for financing opportunities suitable for their business.

General benefits of Learn 2 Do:

  • You will have access to experts to help you shape your business with successful premises;
  • You will acquire relevant knowledge for the healthy growth of your business;
  • You will get current and relevant information about the right opportunities for your company;
  • You will have access to relevant information about national and international business communities.


  • 18 hours – group meetings
  • 1-hour individual mentoring
  • 3 meetings, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • physical event (October 8-10)
  • participants can obtain an ANC certificate by examination

Structure of module I:

Topic 1: Motivation of the entrepreneur. What “drives us into battle”?

Topic 2: Knowledge of the market, determined element in a business. Do you know your ideal customer?

Topic 3: Planning, continuous practical exercise. Why not all good ideas are successful?

Topic 4: Impact of resources. What is the most important resource of your business?

Topic 5: Ethics and decision-making in business. How do you relate to failure?

Topic 6: The Link Between Collaboration and Prosperity. How do we cultivate trusting relationships?


  • It improves the ability to self-assess business plans
  • Provides tools for evaluating opportunities against available resources
  • The ability to plan strategically, in the long term, as well as analyse the market realistically
  • Financing a new business or developing an existing one
  • The need for networking and connection in the activity niche, with access to best practices and methods to avoid common mistakes


Ciprian Morcan

Senior Expert

Ciprian Morcan has a strategic thinking oriented towards business development, with over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, manager, consultant and trainer. He was the activity coordinator and mentor in several programs and projects aimed at entrepreneurs. He has a long-term vision, tells you when you have work to do, if you’re ready to listen, and challenges you to discover the best version of yourself and those around you. And as in recent years he has developed partnerships on all continents, you can take the steps towards internationalization and new markets together.


  • 12 hours – group meetings
  • 1-hour individual mentoring
  • 4 meetings, on Tuesdays, of 3 hours each, between 16.00 and 19.00
  • online event on the e-learning platform (12 October – 2 November)

Structure of module II:

Topic 1: Brand management – the basic pillars

  • Purpose
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values

Topic 2: Brand management – brand identity

  • Visual identity
  • Brand personality: brand archetypes, personality, unique characteristic
  • The voice of the brand

Topic 3: Personal motivation

  • Motivational drivers
  • Basic needs
  • Self-determination theory
  • Methods and techniques for optimizing work motivation

Topic 4: Performance Mindset

  • The 12 Styles Underlying Performance Effectiveness
  • Processes and results


  • Increasing public trust in your business by defining and structuring key company brand concepts
  • Techniques for overcoming obstacles in strengthening the company’s brand
  • Access to practical, easily applicable tools: Brand definition, Employee motivation questionnaire
  • Concrete methods of motivating the human resources/workforce in the company
  • Knowing and adopting management styles that lead to efficiency and performance in the company


Mira Niculescu

Training Manager

Mira Niculescu is a trainer, personal development advisor, entrepreneur. She possesses relevant skills acquired through consistent professional experience in the field of human resources, marketing and support of training programs. Since 2018, she has held the position of People Manager at Hygia Consult in Cluj-Napoca, where she is the coordinator of the professional training and personal development programs. She was a senior entrepreneurship expert and management consultant within the StartUp Partner project, where she coordinated a team of specialists to provide mentorship to entrepreneurs. She is also the founder of the Training Booth company of Bucharest, which offers specialized courses and educational programs for companies, adults and teenagers.


  • 12 hours – group meetings
  • 1-hour individual mentoring
  • 4 meetings, on Thursday, of 3 hours each, between 16.00 and 19.00
  • online event on the e-learning platform (November 4 – 25)

Structure of module III:

Topic 1: Clarification of specific language in finance-accounting

  • Financial management
  • Basics and importance of financial management
  • Financial forecasting and planning
  • Funding rules
  • The basics of financing
  • Management of the company’s financial means
  • The notion and forms of company financing
  • Criteria for substantiating the investment decision
  • (NAV, RIR, cost, payback period)
  • Accountancy
  • Definition, role and types of accounting
  • Assets vs. liabilities
  • Expenses vs Income
  • Annual accounting reports
  • What is the balance sheet and what are its basic characteristics
  • Familiarizing students with the profit and loss account

Topic 2: Cash-flow planning and projection

  • The income and expenditure budget
  • Types and categories of expenses
  • Cost estimation methods
  • Calculation of the break-even point
  • Calculation of the commercial allowance
  • Income estimation
  • Designing the organizational budget – financial models
  • Cash-flow and its importance in the life of the company
  • Profit vs cash
  • Receipts vs Payments
  • Investment vs operational cash flow
  • Timing in cash flow management

Topic 3: Competitiveness and company performance

  • KPI vs financial ratios
  • Introduction to KPI – Performance Management
  • Performance and KPIs
  • General KPI selection process
  • Examples of KPIs
  • KPI selection criteria
  • Financial ratios: profitability ratios, solvency, liquidity, turnover ratios, profitability ratios
  • Pricing policy and influence on performance
  • Pricing policy objectives – revenue, volume, product mix
  • Price justification
  • Pricing strategies

Topic 4: Investment management

  • Investment vs expense
  • Identification of investment financing sources
  • Investment budgeting
  • Investment performance calculation methods
  • Brief summary, conclusions and free discussion


  • Gaining an understanding of the financial aspects of business life
  • Increasing the ability to make strategic and visionary managerial decisions
  • Acquiring skills to avoid the pitfalls and unintended consequences of poor financial management
  • Improving and streamlining the relationship between the entrepreneur and the financial / accounting department


Lucian Maier

Financial consultant

Lucian Maier is a financial consultant and Hygia Consult associate, economic director of the “Cluster Mobilier Transilvan”, with relevant expertise in monitoring the implementation of business plans, economic, financial and accounting consultancy. He holds a degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University and he is affiliated with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (Great Britain). He is certified as a project manager, financial controller and project evaluator.