Hygia Services

Hygia is a company established in 2007 that has developed step by step, currently being a team of dynamic, motivated professionals, confident in success and offering high quality personalized services to clients.


We support economic development through dedicated services for cluster-type associative structures through annual management plans. We also provide support services for the development of the strategies of these collaborative structures, through our own methodology. We start from going through the practical and technical aspects of creating a cluster and up to the development and implementation of collaborative projects initiated by the representative organization and/or cluster members. Through the entire service package dedicated to clusters, we support economic development and contribute to a dynamic and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.


We are aware that in order to remain competitive in the market we must continuously innovate, and product/service development is supported by Hygia through initial assessment, planning of the entire process and support throughout. We then carry out studies, analyses and relevant reports upon request, aware of the current state and development opportunities. Afterwards, we assist our clients in concept development, provide step-by-step and detailed design, up to rapid 3D prototyping. And finally, we facilitate testing in laboratory conditions, contribute to the market launch of the product/service and mediate relations with strategic partners.


In a competitive business environment with many external challenges, companies are naturally concerned with their own competitiveness, but often lack a structured framework. Hygia can thus significantly contribute to the identification of real problems and support the development of new projects that respond to the identified needs. We have an experienced team that works closely with the beneficiaries, approaching in a structured way the development of a project with the help of accumulated expertise. We associate appropriate resources with the concrete steps of definitive change within the goal, and among these we also propose optimal financing sources for achieving the objectives.


A business needs a mix of ingredients to ensure its success, regardless of whether it is a start-up or already a mature company. There are accessible funding sources for all stages of a business’s development, and our team of consultants can guide you in identifying and accessing the most suitable ones. The services include the development of applications (development of business plans and/or feasibility studies, as well as requests for financing), submission of the financing proposal and assistance in the relationship with the financer.


After the moment of attracting financing, only good planning, organization and rich previous experience can contribute to the successful implementation of a project. We advise our clients in the management of resources, we assist them in the processing of purchases and we advise them in the development of the interaction with the financer (activities management, technical reports, settlements of expenses and modifications of financing contracts). Our common goals are to reach the indicators and results, and finally the financing becomes a real help for the beneficiaries and not a burden.



Hygia supports its customers through integrated business management and management solutions. Teams of specialists from the economic, financial and legal fields look for and implement customized solutions in order to adjust the deviations and imbalances identified in the partner companies. The road to performance begins with a clearly defined development strategy well anchored in the economic realities, but must subsequently be supported by monitored implementation and controlled interventions.

Online Consulting

Hygia makes available to customers and partners a support tool for providing online services.

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Hygia Programs

At Hygia we constantly contribute to the creation of an environment conducive to the training and specialization of young people. At the same time, we are continuously developing a platform where they can test their skills and experience real working conditions. We thus actively support the development of lifelong practical skills and offer opportunities for internships, exchange of experience and employment.



Learn Consulting, Do Consulting (LCDC) is an educational program, initiated and run annually since 2014 by Hygia, with the aim of preparing young people for a consulting career and/or to initiate them into entrepreneurship. Every year, we select an exclusive group of students with whom we work through the practical “Learning By Doing” method.



Mentoring Program for Entrepreneurs — Access to valuable, current and reliable information — Tools for proper business structure and direction