Project title:

Design, Prototyping and Testing

Project acronym:



2018 – present (ongoing)

Program / Financer:

Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) & DIGITAL Europe Program (DIGITAL)


  • Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Association
  • Hygia

Countries where activities are carried out:

  • Romania
  • EU

General project objective:

The partnership between Hygia and CMT was initiated and developed to implement infrastructure development projects and to generate a functional business model. Later, this partnership expanded to be a support in the exploitation of the activities of the Design, Prototyping and Testing Laboratory (Design Development LAB), and in the following period it will serve providing services to the companies selected within the Transylvania Digital Innovation Hub.

Hygia involvement:

Provides project management services (planning/monitoring the activities & the budget, running purchases, reporting, settlement of expenses and maintaining the relationship with financers/clients/partners).

Provides support services for the development of new products/services, using own experts and laboratory infrastructure (design, rapid prototyping – 3D and product and material testing).

It annually ensures the specialization of the intrapreneurial departments of the selected companies in a design thinking program – “Custom Design” (identification of needs, generation and selection of concepts, detailed design, 3D prototyping, development and testing of prototypes).