Even if there is a natural need of the socio-economic environment (of companies) to act in order to remain competitive, and the entities that constantly generate knowledge can make a significant contribution to this process, the reality shows a reduced collaboration, far below potential. And if most existing models in the market are focused almost exclusively on the research and development offer, HYGIA has known the demand from the private environment for more than 15 years and has made it a mission to serve the real needs of the private environment. In this context, the accreditation of the liaison office with the industry – OLI@Hygia was a natural step, carried out in a context favourable to openness and collaboration.

We have been facilitating and delivering knowledge, innovation and technology transfer for more than 10 years by establishing, maintaining and permanently expanding the links between demand and supply of research, innovation and development, thus contributing to the smart specialization of regional ecosystems. We are one of the most relevant private actors at national level and we want to become an important European player in this field. For more than a decade we have been supporting the development of innovative associative structures, organized along value chains (clusters) and contributing to connecting private demand with national or global supply that supports smart specialization: transfer of skills, knowledge, technologies, manufacturing methods, as well as access to scientific and technological developments. We thus generate projects, programs and services dedicated to the knowledge, maturation and commercialization of research and development results. We are always open to learning and sharing our knowledge, generating strategic development based on Hygia and partner services.

Actions of OLI@Hygia


We are continuously disseminating information about technological news and research & innovation potential


We develop partnerships between the economic environment/industry & universities/research centres and technology transfer


We support & promote innovative entrepreneurship in the country and on foreign markets

Partnership Agreement

The objective of the Partnership Agreement is to regulate the relations that govern the collaboration of the parties during the provision to third parties of the package of services generically named “intellectual property management”.